Soy good!

Hard to see it from the photos but this
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meet Lesley

First things first:  Yes, I am a farmer's wife, a dairy farmer's wife, who became addicted to yummy smelling candles 25 years ago, candles that eventually started messing with my senses, literally.  I developed severe sinus headaches thanks to those paraffin candles and so I was forced to look for an alternative. Soy was relatively new at the time but I had read great things about it. I poured my first Soy candle over 20 years ago and I haven't looked back since. My headaches had practically disappeared and the scents from these Soy candles were amazing! I soon began exploring this magic Soy bean and expanded my little farm based business into all natural Soy soaps, body bars and old fashioned liquid hand soaps. My liquid soap soon turned into concentrated laundry and household cleaning soaps, and more recently, I have added all natural Soy shampoo bars to my product line.  My lip balms, and all natural deodorants all contain the moisturising goodness of Canadian Soy. If you're sensitive to commercial body products, give my All Natural Soy based creations a try! Handmade has never been SOY good!